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dick: mercy. john: those shots get a whole lot tougher at this point in the match. that ball should have been put away and he had a lot of time to think about that second overhead. dick: out of the corner of his eye he must have seen federer racing to cover on the right side of the court. john: that's the biggest serve he's hit all match. beautiful serve. dick: look at mom.
6:31 pm
john: that's two unforced errors, two tight shots that put him two points from defeat. dick: missed overhead and now the missed backhand.
6:32 pm
dick: a third error gives federer two match points. >> fault.
6:33 pm
dick: gutsy. john: incredible effort by federer to hang in there. he made him hit a couple extra balls. what was djokovic thinking right about now? big-time effort there but he's still got match point.
6:34 pm
john: doesn't want to have to hit another second serve. dick: wow! rips a forehand winner to wipe away the second match point. john: that was a beautiful thing right there. that's his bread and butter. that's what's gotten him that slam title, three in the world this past three years. that forehand is amazing. dick: but after a couple or three unforced errors in this
6:35 pm
game, to rip one at the line on match point. dick: unbelievable! john: even the crowd now giving djokovic his due. another incredible shot. dick: and a hard-earned game point for 5-5.
6:36 pm
dick: the elite quality of the play of this semifinal -- to be embraced in and enjoying the top match of this entire championship by far. there's so much at stake.
6:37 pm
john: he loves that play but that is still gutsy. wow. he stuck with it here. he didn't panic. that would have been very, very easy to do so. dick: another point for 5-5. john: djokovic thought his serve was out and he hesitated. next thing you know he was in
6:38 pm
serious terrible on that point. dick: third deuce. john: it's come up awful big with that forehand. that is gutsy again to go to the federer forehand. you better hit it well. >> fault. dick: after three and a half hours we rock on. 5-5 in the final set.
6:39 pm
djokovic digging out of two match points again. here's the first. and the heart and guts to go for the line on that forehand to cleanly erase another. >> fault. mary: i love my job. [laughter] this is just -- mary: he is taking it to a whole different level here. dick: another stirring rally
6:40 pm
but these two athletes after three and a half hours of fence play. john: the quickness that he's still showing and the willingness to go for it at just the right moment. it's got his box standing up. it is amazing how exciting this fifth set has been. dick: once again, should it get to 6-6, the play for the championship final in a tie-break. john: that's good for the players. it's good for the fans. the energy is going to be so high at the end of this match. dick: the only men's semifinal toe go to a tie-break 30 years
6:41 pm
ago. mcenroe and connors. john: djokovic used that drop in the last game. not only does he hit the drop shot, he comes in behind it. barely gets that racket on it. djokovic did not miss that shot by much. what's next? dick: 5-5, 30-30, final set. john: he just makes you hit so many balls, he gets so many returns back, djokovic. dick: federer had two match points in the last game. now it's djokovic with a break
6:42 pm
point to take a 6-5 lead. >> fault. dick: djokovic ♪ ♪ une stella artois, s'il vous plaît. ♪ ♪ ♪
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. dick: nowak djokovic has earned the chance to serve for this semifinal and a spot in the final tomorrow against rafael nadal. that was the first loss of serve in this final set after federer the game before had two match points on djokovic's serve. djokovic, four points away from the final, and federer digging in.
6:45 pm
john: djokovic is breathing hard. he played some incredible defense to hang into there. looked out of the point three, four times, and his mouth is wide open. got those nerves flying around. they've been on court three hours and 38 minutes. you lose your first point like that. >> fault.
6:46 pm
>> out. john: he's still looking a little winded there. cost him another point. dick: federer looking to get into the tie-break to decide the semifinal. two points away. >> fault. dick: the ball was out and the challenge -- john: it was close. he's got to try to challenge it. give him some more time, if nothing else, to get a little
6:47 pm
air in the lungs. dick: chase review shows it was indeed wide, but he did buy some time. john: i'm surprised that roger continues to stay so far back on that second serve. he lets djokovic take charge of too many points. he's covering a lot of ground out there. he's got to be feeling it too, federer. mary: he's also got to be remembering that a couple of times in year he had match points and lost the match, to berdych, on a hard court in miami and on a hard court in indian wells to another player.
6:48 pm
mary: oh. djokovic has beaten federer four times on hard court. never here at the open. dick: -- john: federer has this point won. did a good job making djokovic hit a pretty tough volley and right there he hit the line. he said please hit it there. he hit it back to djokovic. >> yeah!
6:49 pm
>> out. dick: just wide. break point, federer. >> fault.
6:50 pm
john: his willingness to go to roger's forehand has been big for djokovic. to get himself in this position, two points from the position, two points from the u.s. open final. for the most part he's handled that slice backhand pretty well. he choked on that 30-30 point. he's probably going to see it he's probably going to see it again.
6:51 pm
dick: novak djokovic, match point.
6:52 pm
dick: we saw some wondrous forehands bravely struck. novak djokovic advances in a brilliant semifinal win over roger federer. second time to the final set. dick: an exhausting effort for both men. roger federer, his string of six straight u.s. open finals broken. it will be djokovic and rafael
6:53 pm
nadal in the finals. the final salute to federer. the fans were rooting for him. but the immense play of djokovic really won over a lot of the folks here at arthur ashe. john: he's due. there's been a lot of pressure on him for the last couple of years to try to follow in the footsteps of these two great players, nadal, federer. that was an absolutely amazing effort that he could pull that match out. mary: his parents could make some money selling those t-shirts. dick: another long exhausting rally and federer finally strikes the ball wild and djokovic is in the finals. to mary jo fernandez. mary jo: novak, amazing match. you're down two match points. hour you able to get the
6:54 pm
breakthrough win here against roger federer? >> i don't know. it's really hard to describe the feeling that i have right now. 10 minutes ago i was just a point from losing this match and now i managed to come back. thank you for a great atmosphere. it was just a big pleasure playing in this kind of match. it's just one of those matches that you will always remember in your career and i'm just so thrilled to be in the final. mary jo: how much courage and heart did you have to call upon to come back and win? >> to be honest, i was just closing my eyes and hitting the forehand as fast as i can on the match point. so, if it goes in, it goes in. if it goes out, another loss to federer in the u.s. open. you know, i managed to come back. i was very lucky and as i was saying before the match, it was just a couple of points to
6:55 pm
decide the winner. mary jo: now let's look ahead. in less than 24 hours, your second u.s. open final. it will be against rafa nadal. it will be his first. how excited are you for that final? >> it sounds like i have more experience than rafa. mary jo: here you do. >> no, definitely rafa is playing fantastic tennis in year. he's the best player in the world and absolutely deserved -- he won two michael jackson already and he's seeking for his grand slam complete to win a title here. i will do my best to recover and give him my best challenge. mary jo: congratulations. best of luck tomorrow, novak. >> thank you, guys. mary jo: back to you, dick. dick: well, he won it and that's what made this second semifinal so exciting. two men batling and no one lost.
6:56 pm
djokovic just came up with the big shots, saving two match points on his way to the u.s. open finals. we invite you to join the women's championship in about an hour. kim clijsters looks for her third u.s. open crown, challenged by the upstart zvonareva of russia. for our entire cbs sports team, this is dick enberg. thank you for watching. what an afternoon of men's tennis. it was rafael nadal in straight sets over mikhail youzhny. nadal in his first u.s. open final as he looks for his career grand slam. and then djokovic rallying over federer from two sets to one down. when it counted under pressure, he was able to knock in some forehands that were incredible under the pressure of the moment. so djokovic-nadal in the championship final tomorrow for the u.s. open title.
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